King & Queen ragdoll
King & Queen ragdoll
~Heavenlyrags~ A Ragdoll kitten to love
~Heavenlyrags~A Ragdoll kitten to love

Kings & Queens are the dads and moms working to produce the cutest Ragdoll kitten for sale. 

~ TICA Registered Heavenlyrags Mary Jane ~

This girl has a stunning white tail tip that goes back to Daddy Warbucks, the founding father of Ragdolls. It is so beautiful that it should be preserved in the Ragdoll lines. Her kittens are gorgeous. Mary will be retiring soon. She has a fantastic home to go to.


Mary Jane, Ragdoll breeder Mary Jane

~Champion Heavenlyrags Purrrrcilla~

Purrrcilla and I had a great show season. She is now a true Queen. Her kittens are adorable. 


Champion bloodlines Champion heavenlyrags Purrrcila

~TICA registered Heavenlyrags Brandy~

Sealpoint mitted Queen.


Breeder Brandy


~TICA Registered Charlotte of Heavenlyrags~

Seal colorpoint. Charlotte brings joy to my life every day. Just like her mother she is sweet and loving and wants to spend time in my bed or in my lap. I am excited to have her as a breeder. 

Ragdoll female breeder Charlotte

 ~ Champion TICA Registered Kera of Heavenlyrags ~

Kera is very sweet girl. She is a wonderful mommy. She wants to take care of all the kittens even if they are not her own. We are planning on breeding her soon.

Ragdoll breeder Kera

 ~ TICA Registered Sassy ~

Sassy is loving and so pretty. We are so blessed to have such a great mom. Sassy has a litter of two kittens. 

Ragdoll breeder Sassy

~ TICA Registered Grand Champion Cocoa Cola Bear ~

He is a very large loving flopy boy. He is doing fantastic at the shows. Everyone loves him. Bear has the most georgeous blue eye color and absolutely soft bunny coat.

Ragdoll breeder Cocoa Cola Bear

~ TICA Registered Malo of Heavenlyrags ~

Malo is a very large Bluepoint lynx mitted Ragdoll. His first litter of kittens are just gorgeous. My first Ragdoll in the lynx pattern. 

Ragdoll breeder Malo Bluepoint lynx mitted Ragdoll

Ask me about retired breeders for sale. 

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