King & Queen ragdoll
King & Queen ragdoll
~Heavenlyrags~ A Ragdoll kitten to love
~Heavenlyrags~A Ragdoll kitten to love

Reserving a Ragdoll Kitten.

Ragdoll kittens for sale with champion bloodlines. A deposit of $200.00 will reserve a pet Ragdoll kitten. (To be altered) A deposit of $400.00 will reserve a Ragdoll breeder kitten (with breeding rights). Please contact me for prices. The remainder is due when kitten is picked up.  Kittens are placed in order of deposit. No kitten is reserved until we receive a deposit however breeder kittens have higher priority. Your kitten, once chosen and deposit received, will be reserved for you. A deposit can be refunded at my discretion under certain circumstances. PayPal works best for deposits. Cash or check is best on pick up day.


Before making a deposit please tell us about yourself, your family, your location, and your current pets. It's important for us to know that our babies will be going to loving homes. Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic. Some people have allergic reactions to them. Also please let us know if you have a color, pattern and gender preference or have questions to make that decision. Visitors are welcome in my home.


Your kitten will come with a kitten care package. Samples of dry and wet food and toys will be included. Please bring a cat carrier on the day of pickup. We use WinCo scooping litter. Provide two litter boxes for your kitten. 

Care for your kitten. Provide fresh water and food at all times. Kittens need a cat tree to scratch on. Take your kitten to the veterinarian for check ups and dental care just like you would for your children. Here is a link to UCDavis vaccination guidelines


Updated Friday April 13th, 2018.

Ragdoll kitten Ragdoll kittens tend to get along with kids.
Ragdoll kitten Darla
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