King & Queen ragdoll
King & Queen ragdoll
~Heavenlyrags~ A Ragdoll kitten to love
~Heavenlyrags~A Ragdoll kitten to love

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Bluepoint lynx Ragdoll Scully



Hi Teresa,


So in love with my beautiful comic boy Scully. He is sweet, calm, naughty (always picking on his brother) and a total floppy love bug. Thank you Teresa Trecker for this fabulous boy. You nailed it again on temperament. Both my boys are perfect!



Ragdoll kittens Smokey and Bandit



Hi Teresa -


I just wanted to give you an update on my kittens.  Smokey and Bandit are almost a year old and they are hilarious.  Smokey eats like she's never seen food before and Bandit is my sweet cuddly girl.  They chase each other around the house and sleep on my desk when I'm working.  Such good little companions!


I'm glad we were able to connect in Bellevue while you were traveling through to Vancouver. Love these girls and enjoy seeing your new kittens. Hope you and your family are well.




Seattle, WA

Large ragdoll cat Ragdoll kitten Bob



Hi! Teresa

I want to share some photos about Bob!
He is very healthy and happy!
He is a sweetheart and like to lie down around our heads
I hope all is well with you and your family.
have a wonderful day!

Large floppy Ragdoll Ragdoll kitten Bob
Large cat One year old today



Hi Teresa,
I just wanted to send you pictures of our big boy who turned one this weekend.  It was fun!  Hope you're doing well, I look at your new kitties all the time :)
Take care,
Joy, Joe and Josie
Large floppy Ragdoll happy birthday
Sealpoint Ragdoll Dash


Dash is the best cat!!! Well mannered and very sweet. Weighing in at 14 pounds now. He has fat of course but his boning is huge. Next to Paisley he is a giant, my girl is only two months younger LOL! Hope all is good with you and that you've been enjoying your summer.



Sealpoint Ragdoll Jasmine

Hello, this is Stacy Hamilton. I was just thinking of you today and hoping you are doing well. I wanted to give you an update on our beautiful ragdoll princess Jazzmin. We just adore her and she is doing great. She follows us everywhere we go in the house and loves to play with her bell ball toys. We have trained her to come to her name or a bell that we ring. We are so happy with her and thank you for such an excellent quality Ragdoll kitten. She will be 4 years old in August. So happy with our choice thank you! 

kitten Hood River Oregon

Just wanted to update you on Scrappy (Yes, that’s really his name, and it seems to fit him).  He is a happy little fellow.  He follows Jim and I around the house like a puppy.  He and our Golden have hit it off.
Jinx and Jim Stuart in Hood River, Oregon.

kitten Certified therapy cat

I am so excited Heavenlyrags Stella is now a registered therapy cat in Washington, she passed her test with flying colors.  She is going to make a lot of people very happy. It amazes me how many "cat" people are in the nursing homes we visit. I put her blanket on their bed and she just lays there while they pet her. Yesterday when I took my dog, one of the residents was going on and on about someone that brought in the beautiful ragdoll, She didn't even recognize me. This is Stella at North Auburn Rehab in Washington. She sat on the table for everyone to pet and admire her.



Seattle Washington

Ragdoll kitten for sale Azura
Hello Teresa,

Just updating you on Azura. She's been playing nonstop with Nimbus, Gimple and Inkling. She's especially close with Nimbus and I think they will always be great pals. We are so blessed to have her and I took a couple of pictures for you to see. She is looking more beautiful everyday!  We love her so much! Hope you are doing well! 

God bless, 

Jesse Del Vecchio 

Ragdoll kitten Washington state Heavenlyrags Dylan
I have been tardy in sending you an update on Dylan. He has adjusted beautifully to his new home. I will send a photo of him with his cat buddy, Marley. However his best friend is a 50 lb. stray dog we rescued this summer named Doobie. I have a great video of the two of them playing together. If and when I have the desire for another kitten, I will certainly contact you. Dylan is a fabulous cat!
Ragdoll kitten Oregon Ragdoll kitten Gypsy

Hi Teresa! We are enjoying our new addition, Gypsy so much! She is really the sweetest cat we've ever had the pleasure of meeting and she's all ours. We couldn't be happier. We were hoping that you're still breeding these beauties because next year around this time we're hoping to add to our family with another one of your ragdolls, preferably a sibling.

Thank you,


Ragdoll kitten Washington state Ragdoll kitten Carissa

Hello Teresa,

We just love our kitten. My daughter named him Blue. His first visit to the vet was a week ago today. My vet fell in love with him and was asking where I found a breeder in Washington but I told her you were in Idaho.  They have a Bangle and want to get a Ragdoll someday.  I've been seeing this vet since my last kitten was only 5 weeks old (8 years ago). They are so excited they get to watch him grow up.

Carissa Hanberg, Vice President, Washington
Ragdoll kitten Washington state Ragdoll

Hello Teresa,

Zach has taken over the kitchen. We have obviously spoiled him. Thank you again for being such a good "mom" to him before I came along. We both love him so much. Sadie and Zach are getting along better each day. He will take a run at her and tackle her. She just walks off, but doesn't complain. 
From Idaho
Seattle Washington Heavenlyrags Zach

Hello Teresa,

Here is an updated picture of Zach. Such a sweetheart. Follows me from room to room. He is so playful & enjoys every day to the max. He has taken to playing fetch with crumpled paper pieces. Fun until he finds one he had lost in the middle of the night & drops it on my face at 2 in the morning. Aargh! Sadie and Zach are getting along better each day. He will take a run at her and tackle her. She just walks off, but doesn't complain. 
Ragdoll kitten Blue point Ragdoll

Hello Teresa,

Wanted to give you an update. We named our ragdoll kitten Hamlet :-) He is such a joy. He is always in my lap and follows me everywhere. Thank you so much for this fantastic cat. Thank you very much. 
Heather Meyer
Ragdoll kitten Sleepy kitten

Hi Teresa,

I just want to give you an update on Jojo. He had his first vet check last Sunday and did great (his doctor loves him so much!). He is very playful and follows me around the house. I was very suprised that he doesn't mind cutting nails and loves being groomed. I would like to thank you again for giving us this wonderful and well behaved ragdoll kitten!
Ragdoll kitten for sale Beautiful blaze

Hi Teresa,


She is in perfect health and is a complete hit at the vet. Everyone loves her. I can't thank you enough for this georgus addition to our family.


Seattle Washington

Ragdoll kitten for sale Sealpoint bicolor Ragdoll


Teresa - thank you sooo much for working with me to adopt our very first ragdoll. I can't thank you enough for answering every single back and forth email, test and phone call to answer every singl question I had about adopting the right one for our family. It was clear from the day we picked up our beautiful Sir Edward that he was loved by you and would continue to be in our new home. He is honestly the best cat we've ever had and I can't thank you enough for all of your time and energy you put in to making sure we had the perfect cat!


Ragdoll kitten for sale Rose


Rose is taking my over my life. She is such a doll. She talks to me all the time. As soon as I sit down she crawls up my tummy and on to my chest where she takes a nap. She sleps on my legs most of the night. She loves the heated floor and is using her litter box. She wants my dog to snuggle but so far Sweet Pea is keeping her distance. She is very sweet and brave


From Washington 

Ragdoll kitten near me Chen


Hello Teresa,
Just want you know Jasper are doing great. He is really sweet! He follows me room to room.  Thank you so much for this adorable ragdoll kitten.


Pullman Washington Wanyi Cheng



Thank you for bring us such a beautiful and sweety angel to us.

Hi Teresa, 

Just wanted to let you know that the boys are doing great.  They are loving 

Kittens and have taken to us and we couldn't be more pleased with them. 

They sleep with us and follow us everywhere we go.  We love them sooo much. 




Shirley Hammel 

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