King & Queen ragdoll
King & Queen ragdoll
~Heavenlyrags~ A Ragdoll kitten to love
~Heavenlyrags~A Ragdoll kitten to love

Serving Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.

Ragdoll kittens Ragdoll kittens

Welcome to Heavenlyrags Ragdoll cattery. We are a small home cattery registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). We deliver kittens to Washington, Portland Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Delivery is free as long as we can plan the trip at the same time as a cat show or a visit to family.


Our Ragdoll Kittens are always raised underfoot as part of the family. They bring so much joy to my life. We have Ragdoll kittens for sale in the colors of sealpoint and bluepoint with lynx and without lynx. The three patterns are colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor.  They are cuddled kissed and loved every day.  We have kittens available born July 2017.


General Description of the Ragdoll from The International Cat Association.

The Ragdoll is a large affectionate, semi-longhaired cat with captivating blue eyes. One of the largest breeds in the cat fancy, the Ragdoll gets along well with children and other pets, including dogs, often living up to its name as it gets carried around the house in a child's arms. These sturdy cats have no extreme features and blend easily into the busy modern household. For a full description of the Ragdoll go to Showing is an important part of breeding cats. This is where we learn the breed standard.


The Animal Planet has a fantastac short video about Ragdolls. It is worth the time to watch.


All of our cats are tested and negative for the Ragdoll HCM gene that causes heart failure in Ragdolls. Kittens are guaranteed to be Ragdoll HCM negative for life. Kittens come with a health guarantee. All cats are purebread and registered with The International Cat Association.


Heavenlyrags is dedicated to the preservation of the breed standard producing healthy Ragdoll kittens by assuring broad genetic diversity. A wide gene pool results in healthier cats. As a breeder my fundamental goal is producing healthy kittens with large size and purr-fect temperament. What people desire is a beautiful sweet tempered ragdoll that is the gentle giant it is supposed to be according to the breed standard. Our Ragdoll cats make excellent therapy cats and some are certified working therapy cats.



Show News: Heavenlyrags Dandy Lion earned his Quadruple Grand Champion title this season.


Call or text Teresa @ 208-691-9280 




Ragdoll kittens for sale Ragdoll kitten for sale
Ragdoll kitten Bluepoint bicolor kitten
Ragdoll kitten sealpoint bicolor Ragdoll
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